Weekly Rancher's Box Special

20.0 lb
Size: $125 Box

Get all your grass fed favorites at a discount! Our ever changing weekly box, brings together our family favorites and maybe encourages you to get a little Wild and try something new.

Ranchers Special 
We’re digging in to our cool weather specials y’all slow braised STEW + CHILI + red wine and garlic SHORT RIBS + CFS (chicken fried steak) + smothered steaks + beer simmered BRATS

This weeks Ranchers Special $125
- 2 NY Strips
- 1pkg Bratwurst or Cajun Sausage
- Round Roast 3lbs
- 2lbs Ground Beef
- 2lbs Chili Grind Beef
- 2pkgs Tenderized Cutlets
- 3lbs Short Ribs