About our Grass Fed Beef:

What does grass fed, grass finished mean?

Grass fed, grass finished means that our beef has only ever lived on open, grazing pasture and are supplemented only with cut hay (dried grass). With our mild winters, our cattle can freely graze year-round. All beef cattle eat grass for most of their lives, then most cattle are finished on grain. Grass fed cattle develop at a slower, more natural rate with active muscles, a wider variety of nutrients, fuller flavor, and an even distribution of intramuscular fat (marbling).

You don’t use hormones or antibiotics? What if an animal gets sick?

Wild Earth uses no artificial hormones and no antibiotics in our grass fed beef program. If an animal does get sick, we will treat them as necessary and remove them from our beef program,

Does grass fed beef taste different than beef in the grocery store?

Yes! Our beef has a fuller, beefier flavor in part from their grass fed diet, the age of the animal, and the dry aging process. It’s an unforgettable, connective family meal.

Does grass fed beef cook differently than “traditional” beef?

There is a slight difference when cooking grass fed beef and with cooking thickly cut steaks (like ours). Check out our cooking blog HERE for cooking tips and suggestions.

I’ve tried grass fed beef before and didn’t like it.. is yours different?

Ours IS different! Read here about the big flavor difference.

Is your beef very lean?

We work hard to produce a marbled (higher fat) grass fed beef, which can be hard to do! Our house ground beef is 80/20. We've found this blend to have enough fat to cook itself into nice, juicy burgers without having to drain the pan. We also offer a leaner Ground Sirloin at 90/10.

What breed are your cattle?

We raise a Hereford and Brangus cross.

General Questions

How do I order grass fed beef?

Tap the SHOP Grass Fed Beef tab at the top, add to cart and then to check out.

What payment methods can I use to pay for my order? 

We accept all major credit cards, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, Shop Pay, PayPal, etc. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for all the options.

Do you ship your beef?

Yes! Check out our shipping information page HERE and read our Shipping FAQs below.

Can I come to your farm?

Not at this time. We are a working farm and don’t offer tours at this time.

Can I send Wild Earth beef as a gift?

Absolutely! Wild Earth beef makes a great gift! Leave a note in the order comments to personalize the card inside. Gifts will not include a receipt in the box.

I’m looking for a specific cut and don’t see it on your website, do you take custom orders? 

We are always looking for ways to expand our selection! Send us an email at WildEarthTexas@gmail.com and let’s talk!

Do you offer whole and half beefs?

Yes! We offer a variety of cow share options to suite any family and freezer size. These range from 1/16th to a half cow. For whole cow orders, please reach out via email WildEarthTexas@gmail.com

Do you use MSG, additives, or preservatives?

All of our whole beef cuts and grinds are just that.. Grass Fed Beef, only! The only seasonings and additions we use are in our sausage blends. All the ingredients for each blend are listed on the package and in the product description

Local Home Delivery

Do you really deliver it to my house or do I have to meet you somewhere?

You bet! Home delivery, every week, right to your door.

Do you deliver to a business?

Yep! In the order comments, please let us know some delivery details. Business name, if it needs to arrive before 5pm, if we need to talk to a receptionist etc. We will not go through security gates but we’re happy to meet you in the parking lot.

What if I choose the wrong delivery option at check out.. like picking it up at the farmer’s market?

No problem! Just send an email to WildEarthTexas@gmail.com

What is the order cutoff time for home delivery?

We ask that you have your orders in by noon on the day of delivery.

Do you deliver to my area?

Delivery routes are listed at checkout, if you’re not sure send us an email at WildEarthTexas@gmail.com

Are there any order minimums for home delivery? 

Not technically, we like to accommodate... but keeping orders over $50 helps keep local home delivery free

What can I expect on delivery day? .

On delivery day, you will receive an “Order Shipped” email when your beef leaves the farm. You can expect delivery within a couple hours. Your beef will arrive frozen in an insulated Wild Earth tote bag at your door. You’ll receive a Text Message letting you know your beef has been delivered.

 Do I need to be home to receive my order? 

No, if you’re not going to be home when your beef is delivered you can leave a cooler out and we’ll pack your order in it.

What time will my order arrive?

Deliveries are from 3-6pm

Grass Fed Shipping

Here is a link to our Shipping Information page that should answer most of your questions.

You bet! Home delivery, every week, right to your door.

Will my beef arrive frozen?

Yes! Some of the edges may soften in transit but as long at the beef is cold and firm, you can move it to the freezer as soon as possible after delivery. Avoid letting your box sit on the front step to long.

What can I expect when my package arrives?

Your beef will arrive packed in one of our GreenLiners packed with dry ice via UPS. All beef is shipped One Day or Two Day Ground or Second Day Air.

How often do you ship?

Every Tuesday afternoon!

When is the cut off time for shipping orders?

Please have your shipping orders in by noon on Tuesday (shipping day). Orders received after that will ship the following Tuesday

Is there a minimum order for shipping?

To ensure your beef arrives safely, we ask that shipping orders are at least 7lbs. This, in combination with the dry ice, helps regulate the temperature in the package and keep everything frozen.

What can I expect on shipping day? .

On Tuesday, you will receive an “Order Shipped” email with a tracking number when your beef leaves the farm. You can expect delivery within 24-48hrs. Your beef will arrive frozen in an insulated packaging at your door via UPS.

Wild Earth Ranch Club

What is the Wild Earth Ranch Club?

The Wild Earth Ranch Club is our customizable beef subscription option! You choose your box, your size, and your frequency of shipment and never worry about shopping the grocery's beef section again. Tell us what you like (and what you don't) and we'll customize a box just for you. Ranch Club boxes ship out on the first Tuesday of the first full week of the month.

What are the benefits to joining the Wild Earth Ranch Club??

The Ranch Club gives you the opportunity to buy straight from the source on a schedule and at a discount! Save 10% on beef, get Ranch Club exclusive access to new products and specials, Ranch goods, and always take priority in grass fed availability. Which means during peak demand, shortages, or anything else.. our Ranch Club members will be first on the list.

Are there any contracts or commitments?

Nope! You cancel any time.

Can I change my subscription?

Yes! Simply log into your account and manage your subscription. You can change your box, your size or your frequency.

Can I add in other items to my box?