Our Story


About us…

For nearly 200 years our family has been a part of the ranching community in Jefferson County Texas.  While the face of Texas agriculture has evolved and changed much over the years, here at Wild Earth Texas we believe in a mindful blending of the old values and traditions with modern innovations. We wanted to produce the beef that we felt good about serving on our family table.

Over time, we have built a natural genetic program for our herd that focuses on quality, tenderness, and adaptability; and it is our pleasure to present to you the product of our love and labor. A beautifully crafted Hereford cross, free of artificial hormones, never treated with antibiotics, that has been lovingly raised and finished entirely on open native grass pasture right here in Southeast Texas. Our cattle are humanely processed in a small USDA facility and our beef is dry aged to perfection for superior flavor and tenderness.

Our Cattle…

We raise a Hereford crossbreed that has genetically adapted to life on the gulf coast over the last 40 years. Their medium frame size allows them to fully “finish out” on coastal grasses. Which is key for producing well marbled and tender beef in older cattle. We found that allowing an animal to mature and grow naturally in a relatively stress free environment, over a longer period of time builds working muscle AND intramuscular fat deposits. It’s amazing that our grass fed cattle reach the same weight and size as fed cattle, they’re just building it at a slower natural pace.  

Our beef cattle program has never employed the use of artificial hormones... and we don’t feel the need to start. We like for our cattle to grow as nature intended, grazing our native coastal prairie pastures. For our breeding herd of mama cows, we use as needed antibiotics to treat sick animals. If an animal in our grass fed program requires treatment, we medicate as needed and remove them from the herd and beef program. We want to offer our customers the healthiest beef possible and the option to choose beef that has never been treated with any antibiotics.. ever.


My Story..

My name is Rachel Wilson, I am a 7th generation Texas rancher and the first woman in my family to take the ranching reigns. Our cattle are raised entirely on our family ranch by my father, myself, our partner Joel, and an amazing team of local cowboys. The ranches are historically and primarily a cow/ calf operation. I am 32 years old and am (for now) the one woman show that is Wild Earth Texas. I take our cattle the final mile through finishing, processing, marketing, sales, and to your family table.

I come from a family of foodies! We’re the family that gathers in the kitchen and around the fire. It is what drew me to expanding our ranch to direct community sales. I wanted to produce a beef that I not only felt good about raising and eating but that also tasted amazing. The unique texture and flavor profile of grass fed beef raised in Southeast Texas really took our home cooking to an entirely new level. It’s a beef that I’m proud of and that I love to share with you. Its stands apart in all the right ways.


The Grass Fed Flavor Difference..

We can talk about the ethics, the environment, and the benefits of eating grass fed.. but at the end of the day whether you really want to incorporate a food into your diet is based on flavor. At Wild Earth we are steak loving ranchers and we want to create the ultimate cooking and eating experience in your home. For us it means providing a consistent product, that is flavorful, tender, and unique. The most beautiful thing about grass fed beef is the flavor difference. Just like honey produced from different pollen has different profiles, beef flavor reflects the animals diet. This allows the opportunity for a truly bio-regional flavor profile that can shift season to season and year to year based on land stewardship and pasture management. It’s the element where our hard work shines through and changes the frequency of a meal.