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      We created Wild Earth Kitchen Cooking Blog to widen the traditional lens of beef butchery to view the practice holistically and help bring that nose to tail philosophy into your kitchen. I come from a family of foodies! We’re the family that gathers in the kitchen and around the fire. It is what drew me to expanding our ranch to direct community sales. I wanted to produce a beef that I not only felt good about raising and eating but that also tasted amazing. The unique texture and flavor profile of grass fed beef raised in Southeast Texas really took our home cooking to an entirely new level. It’s a beef that I’m proud of and that I love to share with you. Its stands apart in all the right ways.    
        My dad always said we sell everything but the moo.. and we’re working on that! At Wild Earth we pride ourselves on celebrating each unique aspect of the animal and letting little go to waste by offering the lesser knowns, the old fashioned, the newfangled, and the butcher’s secrets. It’s no small task to raise an animal for food and not one we take lightly, by stepping outside the box a little we can truly honor each and every animal. Our grass fed beef comes with a story rich in tradition, transparent and traceable background, paramount humane treatment, and minimal carbon footprint.
        The most rewarding aspect of having a small beef company is the ability to watch your dreams grow and move through a long, beautiful process to get the best quality beef to feed your family. So come on, let’s get a little Wild in the Kitchen.

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The Grass Fed Flavor Difference

    We can talk about the ethics, the environment, and the benefits of eating grass fed.. but at the end of the day whether you really want to incorporate a food into your diet is based on flavor. At Wild Earth we are steak loving ranchers and we want to create the ultimate cooking and eating experience in your home. For us it means providing a consistent product, that is flavorful, tender, and unique.
The most beautiful thing about grass fed beef is the flavor difference. Just like honey produced from different pollen has different profiles, beef flavor reflects the animals diet. This allows the opportunity for a truly bio-regional flavor profile that can shift season to season and year to year based on land stewardship and pasture management. It’s the element where our hard work shines through and changes the frequency of a meal. Our beef boasts a different flavor profile, texture, and even looks different than your typical grocery store beef. It’s full of beta carotene rich, yellow fat from their 100% grass fed diet, beautiful texture from developed and active muscles, and big beefy flavor from the dry aging process.

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Ground Beef and Sausage Recipes

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Slow and Low: Roasts, Ribs, Briskets

Nose to Tail: Bones and Variety Meats

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Whether you're a full blown, grass fed foodie or just stopping by to check out how to make meatballs for dinner.. we've got you covered! All of our recipes link to our favorite cuts to use for them but here's a sample of some of our best sellers. Get inspired, get hungry, and start cooking y'all!

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