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We created Wild Earth Kitchen Cooking Blog to widen the traditional lens of beef butchery to view the practice holistically and help bring that nose to tail philosophy into your kitchen. My dad always said we sell everything but the moo.. and we’re working on that!
At Wild Earth we pride ourselves on celebrating each unique aspect of the animal and letting little go to waste by offering the lesser knowns, the old fashioned, the newfangled, and the butcher’s secrets. It’s no small task to raise an animal for food and not one we take lightly, by stepping outside the box a little we can truly honor each and every animal.
In a beef industry founded in efficiency, mega meat packing plants focused on feeding the masses, we found an opportunity to set ourselves apart. Not as superior but simply by raising a different animal that produces a notably different beef.  Our cattle come with a story rich in tradition, transparent and traceable background, paramount humane treatment, and minimal carbon footprint.
Our beef boasts a different flavor profile, texture, and even looks different than your typical grocery store beef. It’s full of beta carotene rich, yellow fat from their 100% grass fed diet, beautiful texture from developed and active muscles, and big beefy flavor from the dry aging process.
The most rewarding aspect of having a small beef company is the ability to watch your dreams grow and move through a long, beautiful process to get the best quality beef to feed your family. So come on, let’s get a little Wild in the Kitchen.

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Want a recipe feature? Send us an email at WildEarthTexas@gmail.com We’d love to hear what you’re cooking!

Appetizers and Snacks

Southwest Eggrolls
Cheesy BBQ Biscuit


Ranch Favorite Ground Beef Recipes

Ground beef is the most versatile staple in your freezer. It thaws quickly and recipes can be dressed up or down to please any crowd. You can grill it up, bake it into casseroles, brown it stove top, and even stew it into a hearty dinner. Check out our easy ground beef recipes for some inspiration and new takes on classic favorites. 

Texas Chili Recipe

Beef Stroganoff Recipe

Wildly Easy Mains -

Grilling, Cast Iron Cooking, and Oven Bakes

Beef dinners made easy! From grilling the perfect grass fed steak to crafting the perfect sandwich. Learn how to cook like a pro on cast iron and take on the art of grilling. Or fire up your oven to step up your steak game by learning to reverse sear!.


Sweet Potato Chorizo Hash
How to Cook the PERFECT Grass Fed Steak
Wild Meatloaf Cupcakes
Beer Simmered Bratwurst


Philly Cheesesteak Stuffed Peppers


Oven Reverse Seared Steak with Smokey Chimichurri Sauce


French Dip Roast Beef
Cast Iron Italian Meatballs


TexMex Party Meatballs

Wild Braising- Slow and Low Cooking 

A versatile collection of slow cookin' recipes perfect for the Instant Pot or Crock Pot! Easy, fun taco night, an old fashioned pot roast, or a beautifully crafted wine and garlic braised short rib.. we've got you covered.

Braised Short Ribs with Garlic and Red Wine Reduction
Chili Verde con Carne
Barbacoa Tacos with Tongue or Chuck Roast
Short Rib Street Tacos

Wild Smokes and Cures

This collection is made up of our favorite smoking and curing recipes. We use a Traeger Pro 575 Pellet Smoker on the farm but include suggestions for more traditional smoking or oven roasting for those without a big smoker.


Home Cured Corn Beef
Smoked Grass Fed Brisket

Smoked Chuck Roast - Chopped Beef Sandwich

Wild Accompaniments and Seasoning Blends

A collection of our favorite beefy accoutrements. Learn how to blend compound butters, reduce down the perfect mushroom sauce to top your filet, or just blend up the perfect all purpose taco seasoning.