1/8th (ish) Cow Share

55.0 lb

Get all of your family grass fed staples all in one box!

➢ Ground Beef…
25lbs Ground 80/20, individually packaged

➢ For the Grill…
16oz+ Ribeyes (4)
10oz. NY Strip (4)
14oz. Top Sirloin Steaks (2)
2lb. Fajita cut (2) Sirloin flap steak or skirt steak
2lb Sirloin Tri-Tip (1)
2lbs Sausage (Italian, Pan, or Chorizo)
1lb Fajita Cut (2)

➢ Braising…
2.5lb+ Boneless Chuck Roast (2)
3lb Round Roasts (2) bottom round or rump
2.3lb+ Short Ribs (1),
1lb pkg. Stew Meat (3)