1/8th (ish) Cow Share

45.0 lb
This box highlights our "nose to tail" philosophy by representing the animal holistically, with a little (ish) to focus on premium steaks.

➢ Ground Beef…
15lbs Ground 80/20, individually packaged

➢ For the Grill…
16oz Boneless Ribeye (2)
20oz Bone-in Ribeye (2)
10oz. NY Strip (2)
8oz. Tenderloin Filets (2)
14oz. Top Sirloin Steaks (2)
1lb. Fajita cut (1) Sirloin flap steak or skirt steak

➢ Roasting…
3lb Boneless Chuck (1)
3lb Round Roasts (2) bottom round, eye of round, or rump

➢ Braising…
2lb+ Short Ribs (1),
1lb pkg. Stew Meat (5)
Blade Tenderized, Top Round Cutlets (2pkgs/ 2 cutlets per package)

➢ Bones and Variety…
5lbs Sliced Joint Bones (2)
1lb Sliced Liver (1),
1pkg Heart (1)
Beef Fat by Request

You can substitute 2 pounds of our Caveman Blend for the Liver and Heart. Caveman is a nice introduction into all the amazing health benefits of organs without actually having to deal with them. Use just like ground beef.