Ranch Club: Premium Ranch Boss Box

14.0 lb

The Ranch Boss Box is an ever changing combination of Ground Beef, tender Roasts, unique grilling cuts, and premium steaks! Just let us know what you like and what you're not as crazy about and we will customize the box to fit your needs. Box contents are based on our current inventory and your preferences. 

Small Box:  $99 +shipping (about 10lbs)

  • 3lbs Ground Meat
  • 3lbs Braising (Chuck roast, Short Ribs, Bottom Round)
  • 2-4 Steaks (NY Strips, Top Sirloin, Flat Iron) about 3lbs
  • 1lb Grilling Cuts (Skirt Steak, Flap Steak, Fresh Sausage)

Medium Box $199 +shipping (about 20lbs)

  • 5lbs Ground Meat
  • 7lbs Braising (Chuck roast, Bottom Round, Rump)
  • 5lbs Steaks (NY Strips, Top Sirloin, Flat Iron, Ribeye, Filet, T-Bone)
  • 2lb Grilling Cuts

Large Box $275 +shipping (about 30lbs)

  • 10lbs Ground Meat
  • 5lbs Sausage (Breakfast Pan, Chorizo, Italian)
  • 7-8lbs Braising (Chuck roast, Short Ribs, Bottom Round, Rump, Stew Meat)
  • 3-5lbs Steaks (NY Strips, Top Sirloin, Flat Iron, Ribeye, Filet, T-Bone)
  • 2-3lb Grilling Cuts (Skirt Steak, Sirloin Tri-Tip, Picanha, Flap Steak, Flank)

 Exact weights and content will vary based on your personal preferences from the questionnaire and availability. If you want only filets or ribeyes in your box, the overall box weight will be less. We always make fair, varied assortments assured to please.

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