Half Beef Share - 220lbs+

210.0 lb

Ground Beef:

  • 75lbs Ground Beef 80/20
  • 10lbs Ground Sirloin 90/10 (Can Substitute for 80/20)
  • 6lbs sausage (can substitute)
  • 6lbs Caveman Blend (can substitute)


  • 10 NY Strip Steaks – 12oz+
  • 8 Ribeye Steaks – 16oz+
  • 4 Medium Top Sirloin Steaks – 16oz each
  • 2 Large Top Sirloin Steaks – 25oz+ each
  • 6 Tenderloin Filets 7-8oz each
  • 1 Tenderloin Tail – 12oz
  • 2 Skirt Steaks – 1 Inside Skirt 1lb, 1 Outside Skirt 1.75lb
  • 8 Sirloin Flap Steaks – 10oz
  • 4 Flat Iron Steaks – 10oz
  • 1 Flank Steak – 1.5lbs+
  • 1 Merlot Steak – 32oz


  • 6 Chuck Roasts – 2.2lb+
  • 4 Bottom Round – 2.2lb+
  • 2 Rump Roast – 3lb+
  • 4 Short Ribs – 3lb+
  • 2 Sirloin Tip Roasts – 2.5lb+
  • 1 Market trimmed Brisket 8lb+ or 2 Half Briskets


  • 8pks Tenderized Cutlets – 2, 1/3# cutlet per pack
  • 2pkgs Osso Bucco – 4 slices of beef shank with marrow
  • 4pks Hamburger Patties- 4pk, 1/3lb patty
  • 6pks Fresh Sausage – 4 links each, Italian sausage, Grillers, Fresh Beef, or Bratwurst.. your choice!
  • 4pks Marrow Bone Canoes, 2 canoes each
  • 10lb+ Sliced Joint Bones – 2, 5lb bags
  • 2lb Sliced Liver (can substitute)
  • 1lb Beef Heart (can substitute)


Please make note of any known substitutions in the order comments. However, will call you a few days prior to delivery to clarify your "cut sheet" and talk out any questions you may have. You will need an empty chest freezer for this order. When in doubt size up! 

Our cow share packages are curated to represent and honor the whole animal.  Each will have a selection from every primal area: from steaks, shoulder and round roasts, bones, flank, rib, organs, and maybe even some beautiful cuts you've never heard of. By approaching meat consumption holistically, we can bring into focus some of the underappreciated and often wasted portions of the animal. We can strengthen connection to source by going beyond the grocery store and continuing to remind ourselves where our food actually comes from. Let’s get a creative and a little wild in the kitchen.


Our Beef::

100% Grass Fed, Grass Finished, No Hormones or Antibiotics Ever

Born and raised on our ranch in Southeast Texas

Processed at a USDA inspected facility, 14-Day Dry Aged

Vacuum sealed and frozen

Shipping for a half beef is $125 to Texas and Louisiana