Wild Earth Farm Club: Family Box


The Pasture Makes Perfect Family Box is a great choice for family favorites! It's made up primarily of Ground Beef and Roasts with some of our fresh sausage and seasoned blends added in for fun! Let us know what you like and we will tailor the box to fit your family's needs. This box does not include any steaks or grilling cuts. We also have our Ranch Hand Box and our Just Ground Beef Box!

Box contents are based on our current inventory and your preferences. 

10lb+ Box Example:  $99 +shipping

  • 5lbs+ Ground Meat
  • 5lbs+ of Roasts (Chucks, rumps, Bottom Rounds)
  • 2lbs+ Fresh Seasoned Sausage (Italian, Chorizo, Fresh links - 4pks)

20lb+ Box Example $199 +shipping

  • 10lbs+ Ground Meat
  • 7lbs+ Roasts (Chuck roast, Bottom Round, Rump)
  • 4lbs+ Fresh Seasoned Sausage (Italian, Chorizo, Fresh links - 4pks)

30lb+ Box Example $275 +shipping

  • 15lbs+ Ground Meat
  • 10lbs+ Braising (Chuck roast, Short Ribs, Bottom Round, Rump)
  • 6lbs+ Fresh Seasoned Sausage (Italian, Chorizo, Fresh links - 4pks)


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