Ribeye Cap Steak

1.5 lb

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update: the price but not the price per pound has changed on this product.. instead of a 10-12oz package it is now a 1.5lb package. 
This flavorful hunk of beef is trimmed off the outside of the ribeye. It has the same deep flavor and tenderness of a ribeye steak but is only an inch thick and features a 1/4 inch fat cap on one side. This cut shines in a steak sandwich! Deep score and heavy sear the fat cap to crispy and quick sear the meat side achieving a full medium rare. By focusing your sear on the fat cap you can render it into the meat (juicy) AND create a great texture sliced into a sandwich or salad. Rest your steak and then slice across the grain into bite size pieces. I like mine on grilled sourdough with a bit of finishing salt, basil, and mayo. Perfection.