Sirloin Flap Steak

1.0 lb

It’s sometimes referred to as the Sirloin Bavette, which honestly sounds a lot cooler (and more appetizing) than “flap” and better matches its uniquely delicious flavor and texture. This steak has long muscle fibers like a flank or skirt steak but is a bit thicker, so it’s best cooked to medium rare and sliced across the grain for the most tender bite.

Coming from the Bottom Sirloin Butt, near the Sirloin Tri-tip, it is an absolute flavor powerhouse. Because of its loose structure and long fibers, it takes rubs and marinades like a champ and allows the flavors to really sink into the meat. Steak night, tacos, cast iron seared or fire grilled.. this cut is easy and versatile.

Cook to medium rare and slice across the grain for optimum tenderness.