Welcome to our Ranch!
We can't wait to share our beef with your family.
Let's try something new
... and maybe get a little WILD in the kitchen
It's time to raise your vibration
and RAISE THE BAR for Grass Fed, Grass Finished Beef.
Grass Fed Beef Raised with love in Southeast Texas
By our family for yours.. We hope you enjoy!

Get the taste of Texas shipped directly from our pastures to your table. 


Raised with No Artificial Hormones and No Antibiotics...Ever!



Delivering all the grass fed, grass finished goodness direct from the ranch to your door.


Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, Arkansas, & Oklahoma


Home Delivery to Southeast Texas is FREE simply choose your delivery day at checkout.

Wednesday: Beaumont, Sour Lake area, Lumberton, China, Fannett, and Hamshire

Thursday: Nederland, Groves, Port Neches, Mid County Area, Orange, and Vidor


Visit our one of our Local Retail Freezers for on the go shopping.

The Avenue Coffee & Cafe: 7am-7pm everyday

1226 Port Neches Ave. Port Neches, TX

Donna's Farm Stand Thurs-Fri 2-7pm Sat 1-5pm

11073 Koelemay Dr, Fannett,TX

Nose to Tail Holistic Butchery

At Wild Earth we pride ourselves on celebrating each unique aspect of the animal and letting little go to waste by offering the lesser knowns, the old fashioned, the newfangled, and the butcher’s secrets. It’s no small task to raise an animal for food and certainly not one we take lightly. By stepping outside the "big box" a little we can truly honor and celebrate each and every animal.

Our beef boasts a different flavor profile, texture, and even looks different than conventional grocery store beef. It’s full of beta carotene rich, yellow fat from a 100% grass fed diet, beautiful texture from developed and active muscles, and big beefy flavor from a careful dry aging process.

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Get Wild in the Kitchen..

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Be sure to check out our W! Whether you have a cut that's new to you or you're just looking for new ways to use ground beef.. we've got you covered. Each recipe is linked with beef cuts that work well with them, so you can simply peruse by picture in our Blog Section or type the cut/method/type (ex: "ground meat") in the Search bar at the top and POOF there it is. Above is our featured post on how to cook the PERFECT grass fed steak. We will be adding new recipes weekly, so ENJOY!